Our Story

Osney is a London based retailer, and we are dedicated to sharing our passion for artful gift-giving. Whether you’re in need of gift solutions for a corporate business or as an individual, we pride ourselves on seeking out the most unique products to share with all of our clients.

We're experienced and passionate personal shoppers and creative experts, who take price insourcing the very best hard-to-find products from your favourite brands and our handmade products.

Our products are inspired by happiness and created to bring happiness to the receiver, regardless of the occasion.  Not only are our products beautifully packaged, which makes gifting even easier, but we offer a variety of personalisation options for that extra special personal touch. 

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ethics and always strive to provide the best quality in terms of products and service. Not only do our products offer the highest quality, but they are also eco-friendly, with beautiful yet reusable or recyclable packaging.

Our mission is to re-define the gift industry by carefully crafting and curating luxurious gifts which incorporate designer-brand products with an individualistic flair. We believe in making each and every gift experience unforgettable.

Our vision is to create something personal which means something to you and to your chosen recipient.